About Me

When I’m not working as a freelance consultant I’m playing League of Legends. Or reading a book, or hanging out with my girlfriend, in no particular order.

Although I started my programming career in Ruby, I’ve since moved on to language agnosticism. But my love for Android never left me, so if I have to pick up a technology to work on, it’ll be Android.

I employ GTD rigorously in my daily life. There’s two apps that helps me achieve this, and I can’t recommend them enough. Productibity Challenge Timer & Any Do . If productivity is something that you seek, start using them, NOW!

Having previously worked at Diaspora , Hulu , Loco2 & Wire I currently do not seek any permanent job (because regular work routine is not for me). Instead my dream is to kickstart a killer console development team (yes, I’m weird that way, console has been my dream for so long). Maybe one day I will start the new Bungee, or maybe I will not. But one can hope, right?

Drop me a mail at nirjhor[at]outlook[dot]com if you want to get in touch! Or say hi to me on Twitter!