From Diaspora to Hulu

Most of my blogging hiatus so far has either been because I didn’t have content to write or I was procrastinating. But time literally flied since I hit the submit button of my last blog post. For what its worth, here’s another personal post narrating the recent events of my life.

I joined the pro privacy social networking site Diaspora as core developer Intern in 31st December, last year. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Accepting the part time (15 hours a week) offer helped me not only hone my Ruby chops, but also to learn what it takes to handle real life pressure, how it feels to work like we have a purpose. I never knew hacking the toughest (if not impossible) problem brings in so much joy to your mind that tears roll down. But thanks to Maxwell, Grippi, Kayla and everyone for holding my hand through the nasty pest squashing sessions, I now know how it feels. It has been an amazing experience so far. Sure, it wasn’t a walk in the park always. There were times when I wanted to pull my hairs out, I spent more nights re-writing my own code than I ever spent talking to my girlfriend😉

Project Diaspora itself is not a big success , yet. And I do not think it’ll ever get the traction facebook has now. But the inside tales of Diaspora is another story for a rainy, lazy morning. Diaspora flourished my skill. I learned serious HTML, CSS, HAML, SASS, LESS, jQuery, JavaScript & MarkDown besides Ruby and Rails. I actually study the minimum amount of time, so even after working on Diaspora and attending varsity, I had plenty of times. I thought about giving my career a boost and applied for a position to Hulu. At first they were reluctant even to consider hiring a full time developer from Bangladesh. But my fellow Kayla Henderson , had connections on Hulu top authority, she convinced them to consider hiring me. I had to undergo a rigorous interview session (Live code, Oral and Written interview, Stress test etc) , but all those paid off. I finally joined Hulu on 1st June this year as JavaScript and Ruby developer. It was a dream coming true for me. And the salary, it’s anyone’s dream , at least someone of my age.

My dreams aren’t confined to working 35 hours per week for Hulu, I dream bigger than that. I want to be on the Rails core team and ultimately end up working for Github/Twitter/Facebook . I don’t like Google much since they don’t respect my privacy. I stopped using Gmail for an year or so and I’ve never installed Chrome.

I’m having the time of my life, everything seems so perfect now. I’m doing what I love, I’m buying all cool gadgets , my varsity grades are good, I’m having healthy relationships with friends and colleagues. Everything just feels outward right nowadays.

But I’m not here without the inspiration and example set by others. I would like to thank people like Masnun, Mahdee , Rifat bhai for always keeping their trust on me, for assisting me whenever I got stuck into something, for showing me some tough love when I needed that most. Hell, it is because of Mahdee bhai I started programming on the first place. My thank will obviously go to Sarim and my uncle, Hasin Hayder. They are the reason for me being what I am today. Last but no way the least, Shadma, she is pretty much the only person I’ve been talking a LOT lately, helps me to zone out. Oh, Priyom too.

I’ll be writing about Diaspora, my frustrations with it, Ilya’s suicide, Diaspora’s destiny soon. Until then , it’s enough from me for one post.

7 comments on “From Diaspora to Hulu

  1. Chears on your perfect life🙂

  2. Hasin Hayder says:

    And there begins your lifetime journey of chasing the moon. Good luck son, Godspeed.

  3. বাচ্চু আমাদের খাওয়াইলা না গররররররররর…..

  4. Sujan says:

    Hey Bro, I’m impressed and inspired. You have done something unusual within so young age. It’s really appreciating. God bless you to win more and more goals. I’m also like your age…But most of the I thing to do something unusual….But there is a big difference between thinking and doing….

  5. mdminhazulhaque says:

    বেশ ভালো লাগলো। কিপিটাপ! (বিশাল বড় একটা কমেন্ট লিখেছিলাম, গেল!)

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