Me, Me_Nomad & The Story of a Public Defamation

In case you haven’t come to know, there has been a gigantic row on Twitter last week that involves me. The result is that I have been left in a pretty much isolated and ostracized state. They accused me of impersonating somebody else. They falsified the truth and garnished their blatant lie in such a tasty way that even the most experienced flame-war veterans will have tough time differentiating what is what.


This is how I feel about it, and THIS is the final statement regarding the issue. I have decided that people need to know my side of the story firsthand. When I’m done telling the story, I’ll be silent regarding this issue hereafter. I needed a remedy, hence this post is written.


Something terrible, something so horrid turned all these dim bloke (Prithi, Rakib, Aminulahsan) into some sleuth worthy of Poirrot or maybe Holmes. They started acting as if mankind’s fate depended upon them (remember Independence day? just like that). Must be a greasy punch responsible for this conversion, HAVE to be. Or……. OR….. It could just be on their head.


Central to this whole unholy mess is the mysterious character who goes by the handle @Me_nomad in twitter. He recently opened that account and made friendly advances to get into our community. We loved his persona (mysterious, but very friendly and refreshing) and his language (he had this weird affinity with medieval English, abundant with very difficult words, which amused all of us). We have never known his real name or much of his background, but he seemed to lead a very exotic life – being a magician and traveller, moving around several countries, owning expensive cars, and whatnot. Well, I for one never fully believed everything he said about himself (too good to be true, I thought) but enjoyed his presence in twitter immensely nevertheless.


So this all began when stupid Prithi had a very public, and very obscene row with him. Prithi accused him of lying (I don’t know why that bothered him so much, it’s not that Me_nomad ever claimed he slept with Prithi’s sister or something), and hurled some of the most vulgar words at his way. It upset the magician so much that he subsequently left twitter, his last tweets are testament to this ugly scenes. I saw the whole event as mere spectator and did not got involved as this is something entirely between them, but that is when I first started to hate Prithi.


Oh dear god, just how I got involved in it is still not clear to me. It all started when a mutual friend of ours tweeted about our voice’s similarity. Then the instinct of Bangla’s biggest tiger (goes by the fetish name Prithi) rose all of a sudden and he felt a sudden upraise to relate two ENTIRELY different person together. He accused me of impersonating Me_nomad (he’s not the only one, before long). Based on what? SO CALLED AUDIO SIMI-EFFING-LARITY? Not only that, he insulted @Me_Nomad publicly in the first place (made him leave Twitter) AND pinched me twice publicly. Wise, no? Prithi? Bueller?


I sure did lost my temper after that and crafted all the swearing I’ve ever came across on Prithi’s name. And oh yes, for your inconvenience, publicly. But you don’t expect a bullied and pinched person who just witnessed one of the most hideous and masochistic public humiliations to a human being to follow general courtesy. Do you? What I wrote came out of the sheer hatred I had for him and the sympathy I have for Me_Nomad. Prithi does not qualify to swear anyone . Be it the gravest filth of history. I go with that reasoning for my bloody swearing. I don’t expect to be forgiven for that. I KNOW I was justified in what I did.

Surprisingly, he didn’t initially raged back. He pinched me, I sworn and it was just like that. I was in a false sense of security. Heaven, oh good heaven, what followed, was a tale of misery, utmost display of stupidity, and the act of infiltration. If I had only known that this vermin is actually spreading garbage behind my back, collecting followers, and generally planning to backstab the shit out of me. Soon I found out.


I was randomly tweeting the next day and was assured that nobody will bother me with all that Prithi fuckshit. I stumbled upon a friend of Prithi’s who goes by the name Nuhel and was having a light conversation with him when he started re-tweeting tweets of Prithi calling me “Transvestite” (He, being a shaggy moron, doesn’t know the English term naturally). I blocked Nuhel then-and-there as I told time and time again not to include my name with Prithi. Then one peep (Prithi’s friend) named Rakib swore and I blocked him too. All you can do is to swear, no? Prithi? Rakib? Buellers?


Well, the night came without much of anything more. But there had been a great debate concerning who handles the twitter id Me_Nomad (an honest debate – our little Twitter community was generally curious about this issue for some time now). It still amazes me how Prithi masterminded the whole situation to play in his favor. Prithi called me up to VERIFY (who the FUCK is he to verify anyway?) my claims of myself NOT being Me_Nomad. There was Shuvo on the phone too. Also in conference were Rakib. Shuvo, my long trusted brother, recorded the call (18 minutes total) without letting me know. Later he went on to distribute the tape publicly. Much like a canvasser trying to sell baked shit wrapped in an aluminum foil. I provided Me_Nomad’s phone number to my “trusted” brother and he fucked me up. They call it payback. Verdict here though, I don’t know for which. For the love I had for him? For me trusting him? For caring him much? This question, I fear might never get answered.


They carried on their mighty quest towards unveiling the identity of Mr. Nomad. They found that the number I provided is obscure (Me_Nomad called me from that number ONCE and I never asked him if it’s his or not). Then Voila! They just know that all the things I told, is false. It’s just blatant shameless, straight, ugly lie. How freaking awesome. Just because of a number mismatch, I am proven guilty. Seleucus! They convicted me to public defamation without giving me any chance to defend myself.

With me proven guilty, I was blocked by people astonished with disbelieve and literally god smacked. Scoundrel, rotten bug Prithi propelled the propaganda and it worked like a charm. He managed to turn this whole shebang in such a way that even some of my dearest friends had doubted the authenticity of my words at this point. I was left there to dry. That’s more or less the picture of the happenings.


So, now let’s face some fact :

1) Why do I need another account? Not that I didn’t have followers on my real handler or nobody talks to me. Neither that I was having a bad time from my OWN handler that is @Nirjhor.

2) They say I was a gigantic pedo and opened that account to convince that mutual friend, a very nice girl who first mentioned that mine and Me_nomad’s voices are somewhat similar. But if you dig down deep, you’ll see that she started talking to Me_Nomad first and to me on a later date.

3) I have VERY warm and cozy relation with that mutual friend from my personal handler. We even talk over phone quite regularly. So I need not to have another ID to seduce her to anything.

4) MOST OF ALL, I was very upset when my HSC result got out (which was a disaster) and Me_Nomad called me up to try to heal the pain. I don’t have any proof of that call (I don’t just record calls without permission like some other no brainers) but there are tweets of Me_nomad trying to console me. Just consider this – the last thing you want to do when you are thumped by disastrous results in HSC is to switch your handler and try to console YOURSELF with obsolete medieval English, no? Folks? Buellers?

5) If I were Me_nomad, I would not provide our mutual friend my personal number. Would I? Makes no sense to me. Makes sense to you? Prithi? Bueller?

6) Despite having the ability to dish out GRE words so handsomely, I didn’t show that quality only so that I can open up a fake account and “deceive” a girl? I’d say, if I had used them from my own account, I would get 10 more girls to fathom.


Even if Me_Nomad is a fake account, I don’t care. As long as I enjoy talking to him, it’s okay. I don’t have any problem with Prithi’s investigation (in fact, Me_Nomad’s provided data often mismatched and he very well can be fake). All I am saying is why attaching me with his name? Isn’t there anyone else who could be related? Or why someone needed to be?


Last week was hectic. Thanks to Abhi Aditya, Iftekhar Inan, Hasinul Islam & The Mutual Friend for keeping their trust on me. You guys mean everything.


Shuvo, Nuhel & Rahat I am sorry. No excuses, I beg your pardon. You have been dear to me. You all have been friends, brothers and then some. By fact or by fallacy, I broke your trust. Not confessing ANYTHING, the fact you’re gone, saddens me. You 3 will be remembered.


As for the rest, this concludes my story.

12 comments on “Me, Me_Nomad & The Story of a Public Defamation

  1. a real life example of the fallacy “who uses twitter in Bangladesh”- a handful of internet marketing professionals and mostly teenagers. Lesson: Twitter isn’t a place to get personal!

  2. nuhel says:

    I don’t know about others but I, Ahnaf Tabrez Nuhel, accept your apology. But that doesn’t end it. Because you’ve abused Prithi once again in this note. So it remains the same for me. I think people abuses only when they are UNABLE to do anything else. If you haven’t used the slang words to Prithi and Rakib, then i truly believe you could have earned some respect which you lost in recent days. I think Aditya & Inan vai will agree with me on this point. I was never mad at you because of you opened that Me_Nomad fake ID or whatsoever. I was angry only because you abused Prithi. At first, i asked you personally if that was true or not (well of course, Prithi was also tagged in that tweet as i clicked the button “Reply”). You haven’t said a single word but blocked me. Now tell me why shouldn’t i or the others be mad at you? Now i must appreciate your skill in English no matter how you managed it. But i can clearly see the arrogance in you for your skill. Never forget, “Arrogance diminishes wisdom”. You’re very lucky because Aditya & Inan vai really like you. Never do anything which might break their trust.

    Somehow this link came on my Timeline. That’s the only reason i opened it. At the end, I want to tell you something. This is not any threat, this is just a small but highly effective advice I would like to give you as you were my friend once. And that is “Stay Away”. ‘Cause i don’t use slang words, when i get angry i do can do a LOT more than that……..

    • Nirjhor says:

      Oh well well well, He abused Me_Nomad first and then he said me TWICE that I used to pretend being him. I ignored him first. Not the second time. I am not the prophet alright? Just for the note, I NEVER swear Rakib. When he did that, I just went to his profile and blocked him. I swear Prithi because he started that first to Me_Nomad. You don’t see Rakib’s fault here, do you Nuhel? He came out of the blue and cursed me. I , being respectful to the relation I share, DID NOT EVEN frown.

      Thanks for your advice. As I previously said, I do not yell at people I respect. Sadly or luckily, you are one of them. So I won’t prolong any issue.

      Apology again. May you prosper, Ameen.

  3. nuhel says:

    May Allah bless you too.

    • Nirjhor says:

      Thanks for “wasting” your precious time and commenting here. I will keep myself up to date with happenings round you. The Eid dawat is still on from my side.

      Come on. Even enemies dine together. Don’t turn the invitation off. You don’t have to talk to me you know.

  4. A lot has been happening to the net from a while! And mysteriously I was absent in all of that!! I am, a kind of , lucky I guess😉
    Well about this matter, I know none of them!! So out of my business! ta ta…

    • AadibaA says:

      ri8….same here😀😀 nd im sure dt im lucky!! nd i wnna assure dt im wid my friends….. alwys!!

      i dnt have any prob wid fake or whtevr account as long as im clear nd having fun!…who cares, man?!! nd why?? no1 is killing u!!
      i dnt wnna discuss dis anymore….. bt really learnt som strong points about da ppl of the generation dt belongs 2 us!!…..


  5. I am just a random onlooker. People like to make trouble. It is their nature.
    You sound intriguing enough not to have to make a fake account. It is difficult to juggle, what for?
    And getting phone numbers and calling people over a Twitter thing is very childish.
    I think Social Media should not be available to teenagers who cannot control their childish hormonal behaviours. It can be detrimental.
    Kids have suicided because of it.
    I just came out of my first Twitter fight, with a 16 year old girl. I am almost 27. The lack of respect kids have on the internet these days is horrendous. If teens access the internet, it should be for communicating with FRIENDS, not strangers.
    Enough said, put it behind you mate, you will learn from it.

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