Android Non Root App Listing

Okay so we already had the root app listing. Now let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite applications.


*MessagEase : An alternate keyboard. It’s designed to be productive , fast and intuitive. It’s a goodbye to QWERTY (QWERTY is a 200 years old technology designed for the typewriter) keyboard once and for all. It combines the power for tap and drag and provide you with a completely different experience. With a combination of 9 strategically placed button, you never have to worry about typo again. This thing is Ace.


*SwiftKey X : If you HAVE to live with traditional QWERTY based keyboard, this thing is for you. It not just only corrects your typo and spellings , it predicts the next word too (It’s 2011 we’re talking about. Auto correction is so 2000’ish).  Moreover you can tailor the prediction as per your sms , Twitter, Gmail , Facebook usage. Give it a fair go and you can be 40% efficient in no time.


*Mr. Number : Mr. Number does one thing and one thing only. It blocks call. But what it does, it does the best. This is the ideal weapon for you to get rid of stalkers once and for all. It even offers reverse number lookup on USA.


*MailDroid : This is the Android mail alternate. It’s built from the scratch and not based on the default client. It offers support for array of providers including Gmail, AOL, Hotmail , Yahoo (Free , still it fetches) , Fastmail etc. MailDroid has a premium version too with 17.95$ but honestly, it’s not worth the money. You can get rid of the adds on the free version with AdFree Android I’ve posted.


*Twidroyd : The ultimate twitter client for your Android. It’s from UberMedia so you get all the features of ubersocial. There’re many deal breakers in this app. Channel, Dealbox, Mute…… Just to name a few Smile. Moreover it comes with some of the most elegant themes you can come across (New in 6.1.x). Despite the UI looking a bit outlandish, it’s insane amount of feature wins my heart.


*Opera Mini : There’s only one browser when it comes to Mobile Browser and that is opera mini. Forget everything. Forget Boat, Dolphin, Miren, Skyfire etc. Opera mini re-invented mobile browsing and still the best one. They say, place your trust on age, well, for at least once, they are right. Opera Mobile is not worth the hype. It is slow. If you need JavaScript, you can use the default browser.


*WhatsApp : It’s the go to solution for mobile messaging. The verdict is it uses your mobile number to register with the server. So you need not to add anyone separately. Contact list is your buddy list also Open-mouthed smile . It uses TCP/IP notification so you never miss a buzz. All known platform support means it can be substitute of your regular texting.


*IMO : Imo is your all-in-one messenger solution. It can connect you to almost every network and the sound scheme is audibly aesthetic. And the footprint is very small.


So what did I miss? Comment and let me know.

2 comments on “Android Non Root App Listing

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