My language is equally pretty (if not more) as yours

My language is Ruby (

If you want a language for easy object-oriented programming, or you don’t like the Perl ugliness, or you do like the concept of LISP, but don’t like too many parentheses, Ruby is your choice. There are little reasons not to love Ruby. One of the most asked question is, why I chose Ruby over traditional languages like PHP or Python. Here’s why: Continue reading

Life , here’s how it has been

They say, hindrance occurs, shit happens , life goes on. This has exactly been true for my life lately. This post is much of a self address than to a post with facts and events for further reference.


I got myself admitted to a varsity. Not the greatest among them , but a nifty one nonetheless. Varsity life kind of lives in an equilibrium in between gigantic cockup and timid shebangs. Befriended many of my classmates (Oh by the way, most of them are GREAT. Yes, in capital ) and also made woe with some of them, given my characteristic, it’s not uncommon. Continue reading

Me, Me_Nomad & The Story of a Public Defamation

In case you haven’t come to know, there has been a gigantic row on Twitter last week that involves me. The result is that I have been left in a pretty much isolated and ostracized state. They accused me of impersonating somebody else. They falsified the truth and garnished their blatant lie in such a tasty way that even the most experienced flame-war veterans will have tough time differentiating what is what.


This is how I feel about it, and THIS is the final statement regarding the issue. I have decided that people need to know my side of the story firsthand. When I’m done telling the story, I’ll be silent regarding this issue hereafter. I needed a remedy, hence this post is written.


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Android Non Root App Listing

Okay so we already had the root app listing. Now let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite applications.


*MessagEase : An alternate keyboard. It’s designed to be productive , fast and intuitive. It’s a goodbye to QWERTY (QWERTY is a 200 years old technology designed for the typewriter) keyboard once and for all. It combines the power for tap and drag and provide you with a completely different experience. With a combination of 9 strategically placed button, you never have to worry about typo again. This thing is Ace.
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